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Bedroom Set with Panel Head and Foot Board 8 pc - Dark Whisky

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Bedroom Set with Panel Head and Foot Board 8 pc - Dark Whisky
Includes Nightstand - 2 pc, Chest and Dresser & Mirror
Features Sleek Design Panel Head and Foot Board with Solid Wood

Model: BR-07-LK

Available in - Queen | King

Queen H/B: L67.5 x W2.5 x H49.9
King H/B: L82.3 x W2.5 x H49.9

Dresser: L57.4 x W17.8 x H38.6
Mirror: L36.5 x W0.8 x H35.3
Chest: L31.5 x W17.8 x H47.4
Nightstand: L23.6 x W17.8 x H25.8

Colour- Dark Whisky
Material- Solid Wood 

Dark Whisky

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