Why Furnberry

Factory Outlet Approach

We always guarantee the lowest possible prices due to our "Factory Outlet" approach to our business. Our customers are always confident that they are getting lower prices than all the other furniture and mattress retailers and even furniture and mattress clearance warehouses.

Innovative Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Due to the way we have developed our distribution and supply chain management, we are always ready to deliver straight to your door from the manufacturer or distributor, avoiding the middle man and without the long wait periods typically experienced at other major furniture and mattress retailers.

Not in for extreme profit - Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility very seriously. Thus, we offer our products at very low prices even at a low-profit margin for us, so that all Canadians can purchase quality furniture and mattresses at an affordable price. To us: Furniture and Mattress is a NECESSITY, not a Luxury.

Sick Kids Foundation

Proud contributor to the Sick Kids Foundation. A portion of every sale will go towards the foundation to support their great work.